Seasonal Treatments

Just like nature, our skin changes with the rhythms of the seasons.  In order to offer the skin all the essential elements it needs to perform at its peak, Sothys introduces two yearly Seasonal Facials.  Inspired by the riches of nature, each collection of seasonal care combines a cocktail of original active ingredients and memorable fragrances to create a perfect environment in tune with nature.

Spring/Summer 2014 Seasonal Facial: Raspberry & Litchi

Welcome Spring and Summer with Sothys Raspberry & Litchi oxygenating facial! Formulated with a cocktail of Vitamins, this refreshing treatment revitalizes and protects the skin from sun damage. For a soft, radiant and refreshed complexion, with a delicious fruity scent.

In the Spring/Summer

The skin is refreshed, revitalized, toned and full of radiance

In the Fall/Winter

The skin is comforted, nourished, hydrated and relaxed

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