Perfect shape youth serum

This serum has an enveloping texture which instantly reshapes redefines and protects the facial contours, and smoothes the decolleté from 25 years.

  • Active ingredients

    Complementary dermo-lifting active ingredient

    Manioc sugar

    Dermo-refining active ingredient

    Marine oligosaccharides - Bigarade flower extract - Ivy extract

    Peptides M3.0

    To boost collagen synthesis, guarantee an effective and long-lasting dermal structure, and lift the face and restore texture and tone.

  • Use

    Apply morning and evening from the cheeks to the décolleté using the Sothys specific smoothing technique for optimised results. Follow with a suitable skincare cream.

  • Scents




  • Benefits

    Proven efficiency from 1 month: 88% satisfaction* for lifting effect and 84% satisfaction* for refining effect. After 2 months: 100% satisfaction** for smoothing effect on the décolleté. Helps push back a lift-type intervention for 76% of users.** *Self-evaluation carried out on 19 people who applied Perfect shape youth serum twice a day for one month. **Self-evaluation carried out on 17 people who applied Perfect shape youth serum twice a day for two months.

Product for : Skin type - All skin types Contains : 30ml